5 Reasons Your Community Needs a Senior Living Engagement Platform

Have you been considering purchasing senior living software for your facility but aren’t sure which platform to choose? Or maybe you aren’t sure if it’s worth the money to invest in such a platform. After all, the system you have in place now works, doesn’t it?


If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. Many directors of senior homes feel uncertain about whether or not they should opt for one software service over another. With so many choices out there, it’s difficult to make a decision!


That being said, you should act as quickly as possible in selecting a senior living software service for your facility. These programs provide numerous benefits to both staff and residents. In the following article, we will outline 5 of the top reasons why your community needs a senior living engagement platform.


1.      Keeps Your Residents Happy

There’s no doubt about it: people are happier when they have warm, fulfilling interactions with others. Unfortunately, when older individuals move into a senior living facility, their interactions with their peers, friends, and families are often drastically reduced. This is especially true in the era of COVID-19, where social distancing, masking, and other measures have become a part of our daily lives.

Luckily, senior living apps can help bridge the gap and allow senior residents to have meaningful interactions with family, friends, and staff within assisted living facilities. While there may be some small learning curves when residents are first learning how to navigate the software, these issues are often quickly overcome, and residents love being able to use an effective engagement platform in their daily lives.


2.      Makes It Easier for Staff to Deliver Excellent Care to Residents

People who choose to work in senior living facilities have hearts of gold. They willingly choose to work in a field that is often underappreciated while being extremely taxing both physically and mentally.

For this reason, it’s critical to have a senior living app that allows staff to focus their efforts on engaging with residents and making their time as enjoyable as possible. Specifically, excellent assisted living apps reduce the amount of time that needs to be devoted to repetitive, mundane portions of the job, such as manually writing out calendar events, marking down doctors’ appointments, and other, similar tasks. Instead, these tasks are automated as much as possible, and staff can enjoy improved job satisfaction and work performance.

It’s a very challenging time to work in any field, but it’s especially tough to be employed by a senior living facility. Give your staff the tools they need to be successful and show them how much you value their contribution.


3.      Communication with Residents’ Families is Improved

For coordinating visits, handling video calls, and everything else related to residents’ friends and families, senior living apps make things so much easier. For example, if a staff member needs to get ahold of a resident’s family member, they need only navigate through a few intuitive steps on the app and they can be in touch in no time. Similarly, if a resident wants to contact a family member, they can follow a similar process through the use of a senior living app and can be connected easily.

New technology is not without its faults. Indeed, there are certainly some downsides to living in the age of powerful computers and software that can do just about anything we can dream of. However, when we see technology being used to connect families who may live hundreds or thousands of miles apart, we can see what great strides we’ve made in using technology for the needs it was designed to fill.


4.      Overall Facility Costs are Reduced

For any operation, efficiency is key. Most senior living facilities, unfortunately, employ very inefficient methods of managing staff and resident needs. For instance, having staff manually fill in dates on activity calendars or newsletters takes an enormous amount of time. As the saying goes, “time is money.” Thereby, this waste of time also translates to a waste of money. Furthermore, misuse of employees can frequently lead to burnout and decreased job satisfaction. In a job market where hiring has become extremely difficult, losing the favor of your employees something to be avoided at all costs.

Through the use of well-designed engagement software, you can solve many of the problems outlined above. Senior living apps can improve both efficiency and profitability, creating a better situation for everyone involved.


5.      Makes Meal Time a Simple Process

Planning, delivering, and collecting meals is a long, laborious process in a senior living facility. By using a quality senior living app, you can breeze through meal time easily. Some senior living apps allow you to integrate another menu/meal planning service into their comprehensive platform, decreasing the learning curve and preventing you from having to change your operations in any significant way. Further, many of these apps will also enable you to customize your menus through the use of intuitive templates through spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel.

People of all ages can get hangry (hungry + angry), so be sure that you have made it easy for everyone in your facility to get their preferred meal quickly and easily through the use of the best available senior living engagement platform.


Need More Convincing?

If you’ve reviewed all the top reasons why you should consider implementing a senior living engagement platform for your facility, but still aren’t quite convinced that you need one, we encourage you to book a demo with Quiltt today!

Quiltt has been successfully implemented in numerous senior living facilities and everyone, resident and staff alike, has nothing but positive things to say about the platform.

Quiltt will help you transform your facility in the best way possible by increasing resident engagement, improving worker satisfaction, and making your facility more profitable. If you’re tired of having to deal with an inefficient system that leaves everyone wishing there was a better way, Quiltt is the product for you!

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