Connecting the Families of Senior Care Residents

Assisted Living facilities (ALFs) were certainly among the industries impacted the most by the Covid-19 pandemic. With senior care residents classified as the most vulnerable group, ALFs had to cancel all family visitations, block access to common areas, and cancel social activities and even some non essential treatments. With the various types of caretakers coming in day to day servicing various residents across various locations, the risk and exposure increased significantly for this already susceptible population. Thus, food trays were delivered with a knock and left outside the residents' rooms. 

The families that were already somewhat removed from the day to day happenings and or regular visits were now even more in the dark and distant from their loved ones, leaving the question: 

How can assisted living facilities improve communication with the families of their residents? 

The new mobile app, Quiltt, developed by Alpine Media Technology provides the following features to assist with this current challenge. 

1. View weekly events and set calendar reminders.

Want to know what your loved ones are doing from day to day in terms of social activity? Perhaps you can even join and participate. The mobile app Quiltt will allow you to see key events and set calendar reminders. Join your mom for tomorrow’s group walk or play bingo with grandpa this Thursday. Quiltt’s event features are definitely one of the key attractions. 

2. See what’s on this week’s menu. 

Perhaps not surprising as one of the key conversational topics is “what are mom and dad eating?” With nutrition such an important element for improving and sustaining good health, Quiltt allows you to see what’s for dinner each week with its menu feature. Depending on your taste and preferences, you can now better determine when you might want to come join grandma for dinner. 


3. Stay in the know with real-time news and updates. 

As ALFs learned the hard way, news and updates can change daily in the midst of a pandemic. And while sending out emails and updating the website are all things admin must do, Quiltt makes this easier than ever now. Opt in app family users can stay apprised of all news and updates which may impact the care of their loved ones. 


4. Family members can receive push notifications for urgent and important updates 

Whether you are targeted as an individual recipient or overall group recipient, you will be notified of anything deemed urgent or emergency related. Push messaging ensures you are not only notified in a timely manner but also in a secure and safe manner given the lack of spam filters which can come into play for text alerts and or regular emails.  A great feature to have as the status of visitation rights can change at any time


5. Receive messaging as part of a group type or as an individual. 

While families of residents can be targeted with group wide related messaging, you can also be individually selected for any news specific to your loved one. From health status changes to treatment and physician care updates, the link to your family member ensures you are notified accordingly. This type of one on one messaging ensures you are properly and promptly informed.

About Quiltt
The Quiltt App is a premiere mobile messaging and communication platform for senior living communities. Quiltt delivers real-time information and updates enhancing the way residents, families and staff are informed about relevant, community news. Thus improving overall communication, resident engagement, and operational efficiency. Quiltt’s push messaging capabilities ensure targeted recipients are notified properly and timely. Quiltt is cross-platform accessible, available for mobile (iOS and Android), desktop, and digital signage displays. Quiltt helps optimize your communication strategy, leading to increased satisfaction for residents, families, and staff. To learn more, visit


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