Provide in-room media

Quiltt now provides in-room media capabilities for Senior Residents from the convenience of their own TV.  Residents can benefit throughout the day in engaging, life enrichment media and activities from the comfort of their own room. 


While meals and activities serve as great social opportunities for Senior Residents, residents spend the majority of their time in their rooms with their TV serving a great source of connectivity and comfort. 


“We realize Seniors can become isolated and lose connectivity with other residents if they are not capable or choose not to engage with other residents outside their rooms,” explain Quiltt’s CEO Fred Peyerl. "Our in-room media feature can help these types of residents stay both connected and engaged."


Via a dedicated media page, facility directors and staff can access the web-based command center and schedule a media playlist for the day, week, and month. They can upload native videos and photos or embed content from YouTube and set the schedule for when each piece of content should play. From video messages from the community staff, to games and trivia, exercise routines and more, you can keep your residents engaged and active throughout the day with educational and entertaining video content that you control. 


Below are the simple steps to schedule media. 

  1. Access the command center and click on the Media Page menu tab. 
  2. Click “Add Media”
  3. Drop in a native video file (any format will do) or copy/paste a YouTube link
  4. Select your schedule (play immediately or at a future date & time)
  5. Click “Create and Activate”


The Quiltt platform works with all the major TV and cable providers including DirecTV, Dish, Comcast, and Spectrum ensuring quick and easy connectivity for this popular feature. There is no added cost; just another great feature of the Quiltt platform as we continue to release new features monthly.


With in-room media you can provide life enrichment media, news, and activities for your residents keeping them better connected to their Senior Community.

Learn more how Quiltt can enhance engagement for your residents. Contact our CEO Fred Peyerl at and request a demo today.


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