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As you know, like activity planning, menu planning can be challenging but offer significant value for families & residents. While Quiltt offers many great features, the Menu planning and calendar feature is a favorite by our many Senior Care partners. Our menu feature and functionality improves operational efficiency for staff by making scheduling easy, reducing phone calls and emails, increases transparency and promotes engagement from both families and residents.

Here's a list of the many Menu feature highlights: 
  • Social: Great conversation topics as dining is one of the few social highlights for Seniors participating in up to 3 meals a day.
  • Engagement: Many visits from friends and families are scheduled around meal times. Families can verify times and the menu prompting them to schedule time with their loved one.
  • Transparency: Displaying your Senior Communities' menu shows a high level of transparency highlighting both nutrition quality and variety.
  • Quality of Life: Healthy nutrition is key to maintaining and or improving the health of residents. With one of the biggest costs items, families have great interest in the care and nutrition their loved ones are getting. You can be sure this feature will help with resident loyalty and family retention.
  • Calendar: Daily, weekly & monthly views give all stakeholders the ability to view out as far ahead as they'd like.
  • Image Displays: With the ability to upload and insert images, you can add appeal to your meal postings and overall menu presentation.

Quiltt Menu display for Senior Care Communities

Additionally, Quiltt can integrate with your current menu planning software just as we've done Grove Menus. Our command center allows your staff to easily create, sort, view and easily repeat your regular menu cycle. And, since Quiltt is cross platform accessible, you can display the menu not only on mobile, tablet and desktop but out to common area TV displays ensuring residents always have access.

Quiltt can display app content out to any TV or kiosk

What software is your Senior Living community using? We'd like to share what Quiltt can do for you. Schedule a demo today to speak with a Quiltt team member.

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