Resident pulse surveys

As Senior Care residents struggle with isolation and loneliness, Quiltt, a resident engagement and communication platform for Senior Living communities, offers a new feature called Pulse Surveys to aid with both engagement and enhanced care for residents.

Pulse Surveys, commonly used by businesses to gauge the ever changing sentiments of their customers and or employees is now being used by Senior Care facilities as they aim to better understand the moods of their residents. Quiltt has simplified the feature using emojis versus survey questions. Resident's can easily select among one of three emojis to indicate how they are feeling at the current moment. Then, once selected, connected family members can quickly see the mood of their loved one while staff and caregivers can take note and act accordingly. For example, if Mom is feeling social today, family members may be prompted to call, schedule a visit, or join for the evening bingo event.

Quiltt app user views: Pulse Check mood emoji's for residents.

With the majority of litigation, 85%, coming from the families of the residents, it's important to not only communicate timely and thoroughly with this group but to maintain the utmost transparency as well. “According to OmniSure, approximately 80% of all litigation involves breakdowns in communication.” 

"The pulse check feature is just one of so many great messaging and communication resources available with Quiltt," stated Quiltt CEO Freddie Peyerl. "Showing the residents and their loved ones that their community staff values their current sentiments can have huge impact on retention and reduce overall liability."

Quiltt is cross-platform accessible, available for mobile (iOS and Android), desktop, digital signage displays and even accessible for in-room TVs as a channel selection. In addition to the pulse check feature, Quiltt provides menu and activity calendars, a reservation feature to schedule a window visit or other visit types, emergency alerts, a site map, media page, weather and chat availability. Quiltt helps optimize communication strategy, leading to increased satisfaction for residents, families, and staff. Quiltt can ultimately reduce liability and increase overall operational efficiency.

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