Why Assisted Living Facilities are Choosing Quiltt

Quiltt is not only the newest available assisted living app, it might just be the best app. If communication is key for any successful relationship; business or personal, then the Quiltt platform, built on a leading messaging and communication platform, is a great resource for your assisted living community. 


An inclusive app for all: Connecting residents, families and staff

Quiltt helps connect, inform and engage all stakeholders across assisted living facilities: residents, families and staff. While there are many great apps for the aforementioned, such as apps specific for caregivers, residents med tracking & monitoring Quiltt is accessible and inclusive to all. Quiltt provides real-time, relevant information and updates accessible to recipients across all groups or on a one to one messaging basis.


Promotes and supports active aging

Active aging is defined by the World Health organization as “the process of optimizing opportunities for health and participation to enhance the quality of life as people age.” Active aging is an increasing desire as loneliness and isolation can increase the death rate by as much as 60% according to a recent study at UCSF. Conversely, regular social interaction helps maintain both good emotional and physical health.

In efforts to increase participation numbers, Quiltt enables facilities to maintain and communicate a full activity calendar, ensuring residents, families and staff are well informed about daily and weekly activities and events. Quiltt’s events board includes all event details including what, when and where. And, since all 3 participant groups have access to this information, they are encouraged to not only participate but to invite and remind others as well. 

Equally important as activity and social interaction is providing nutritional meal plans as proper diet and a healthy life go hand in hand, especially for the elderly. According to reports by World Health Organization (WHO), a majority of the diseases that older people suffer are directly linked to poor diets and lack of nutrition.

Quiltt’s weekly menu feature displays each meal for the day providing great reminders for residents and for their loved ones who commonly schedule visits around meal times. With family concerns around nutrition quality and variety, this type of transparency is well embraced by the resident’s families. 

Thus, healthy nutrition combined with regular activity and social interaction is key to maintaining a healthy, active aging lifestyle. The very foundation the Quiltt app aims to support and promote. 


Increases resident engagement

When activity and event calendars are full, residents can more easily fall into a regular and healthy, activity rhythm. And while most residents may not have a smartphone, Quiltt connects to TV’s and other digital signage displays helping residents stay informed and reminded at all times. For many of the Seniors in good health but perhaps isolated and lonely at home, social interaction is one of the primary reasons for choosing residence at an assisted living facility. 

Quiltt’s “Pulse” feature allows residents to communicate their mood to their loved ones and caregivers with a single emoji click. Families can then be prompted to engage if they feel their parent or loved one may need some emotional support or social interaction while caregivers are provided an additional monitor tool. 


Improves operational efficiency and transparency

Senior care operators and staff are commonly spread thin across various roles and duties. In the wake of Covid-19 the abundance and frequency of information was overwhelming at times as facilities would send out multiple emails per day, website updates and Facebook pages. These tools, while useful, are either filtered or pulled not pushed. With Quiltt's mobile app, residents, families and staff are notified promptly throughout the day of pertinent information. And information that is specific to an individual or group type will be targeted and communicated to just them and not to the masses. 

With a cloud based command center, a quickly typed message and touch of a send button allows operators to do their job efficiently and effectively while reducing liability for the facility. Conversely, families and residents now have peace of mind and can act accordingly. 

Quiltt’s new reservation feature now helps facilities better manage limited visitation opportunities given Covid-19. It’s these kinds of features that reduce excessive phone calls and emails coming into the facility causing possible disruptions and time consuming responses. 


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